Why Rules And Regulation Regarding Cannabis In Nigeria Are Neglected?

Even though Cannabis use is strictly prohibited in Nigeria, the country boasts the world’s highest rate of Cannabis usage, and it’s rising at an alarming rate. 

Nigerians seem to be in awe of Cannabis. According to the Global Cannabis Report, approximately 20 million individuals in Nigeria consume Cannabis each year. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when cannabis became popular in the nation but looking at the ancestors, smoking Cannabis was in their genes and modern times have ignited the urge to smoke Cannabis in the younger generation of the country. 

Smoking weed, however, has long been a part of the cultural fabric of most African countries including Nigeria. And it is often the most viable reason why law enforcement agencies have failed to implement strict rules regarding the use of Cannabis in the country.

Why Are The Rules And Regulations Being Neglected?

Currently, Africa as a whole is the world’s largest cannabis user and producer, and Nigeria contributes a lot to the increasing numbers of its use. So the question is, who are the consumers? Answer!! The Black Market.

For over decades, a large consumer market has existed in African countries for Cannabis. It’s just that it’s still not legal. So what’s the result? For many years, a billion-dollar business has operated in Africa with minimal government engagement, oversight, and, eventually, no regulations. Furthermore, because Cannabis isn’t legal, there’s a lot of untapped potentials just waiting to be discovered.

Monetary Gains

In light of the high market for cannabis, the government does not develop a law or restriction that would hinder drug sales and access in the community. Instead, there is a debate currently raging within the country regarding the legalization of cannabis for monetary purposes. 

Dr. Kingsley Chiedu Amibor, a public health specialist, and chairman of the “Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria” (AHAPN) said that the current government of Nigeria is preoccupied with monetary benefits from Cannabis commercialization at this time. However, the health consequences of Cannabis use must be regarded as the most important consideration.

Lack of Regulatory Authority

Despite having several acts and reform bills in terms of leafing with Cannabis, the item is still consumed by many. The country is currently ranked 8th when it comes to cannabis use, despite the fact that it is an illegal drug. Sadly, even if cannabis is illegal, it’s still used in the highest ratio in Africa. Unfortunately, no action is being taken by the government to put an end to the illegal use of the substance.

There is no criminal investigation taken seriously since there are a lot more complicated issues at the hands of the law enforcement agencies and busting people with intent to distribute Cannabis seems not to be prioritized by them. Furthermore, no restriction in terms of selling or purchasing Cannabis seems to be addressed, minimal government engagement, and lack of a regulatory body is another reason why rules and regulations regarding Cannabis are ignored in the country.


In some countries, corruption is one of the largest reasons for failure to curb and monitor economic crimes. In addition to greed, one of the main reasons for corruption is the desire to gain money through multi billion-dollar businesses, and it seems the Nigerian government is greedy with its desire to gain money from the cannabis business. 

As per the report conducted in 2019 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), about 93% of people were discovered to have paid bribes in cash to public officials. The numbers don’t lie and on the contrary, they seem to indicate high corruption in Nigerian offices.

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  • Not knowing why they not moving fast like other countries when it comes to developments like this………well it is even legalized in my house since i am my governement……corruption had eaten us too much

  • Not sure why they not legalize it now… Nigeria need to wise up and legalize now. Justin bieber even sells now with Peaches California

  • Those leaders are very funny


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