Why Nigeria Has Not Legalized the use of Cannabis Yet

The Cannabis industry is booming around the world and it is estimated that the Cannabis industry will be worth more than $100b by 2026. Many countries including Canada, the U.S., South Africa, and a handful of other countries have legalized the use of Cannabis under certain conditions in the country. 

The legalization led to hundreds of jobs and business opportunities in a profitable industry. However, despite being the number one consumer of Cannabis, Nigeria is still hesitant about legalizing the use of Cannabis in the country. There’s a lot of controversy about the legalization of Cannabis in the country. Some people think that it is highly dangerous while others think that it could be an excellent opportunity for the young generation. 

Explaining why Nigeria hasn’t legalized Cannabis is a bit of a pickle but we’ve tried to cover all the angles and share our thoughts on why Nigeria’s leadership isn’t in awe of legalizing the drug. 

Reasons Why Nigeria Has Not Legalized Cannabis 

Lacking the Regulatory Efforts 

Despite having more than 10 million consumers of Cannabis, the Nigerian government is resistant to allowing the use of Cannabis in the country. One of the main reasons why they’re neglecting the billion-dollar industry is because they’re lacking the proper regulatory authorities that would keep a close eye on the validated concentration that would be legalized in the country.

In the U.S., Cannabis plants containing more than 0.3% of THC (highly pschoyactive compound) is considered illegal. And if Nigera was to legalized Cannabis in the country, they will need to restrict the concentration of THC to some level to encourage people to use it for medical purposes rather than experience the entourage effect it has to offer. 

Critics believe that Nigeria is lacking the manpower required to allow Cannabis in a controlled form and if they do legalize the substance without proper regulatory authorities, the results could be catastrophic for the young and budding generation of Nigeria. 

Fighting A Failing War 

The use of Cannabis in any way is strictly prohibited in the country and yet, there are millions of Cannabis consumers in the country. Laws and regulations regarding the use of Cannabis are ignored and the officials believe the legalizing the use of Cannabis, even under certain conditions and limitations, will encourage more people to adapt Cannabis in their way of living. 

They rightly fear that the laws will be neglected and the young generation will have a free hand to experiment with Cannabis. Instead of cultivating the plant for business opportunities, people will become addicted to the substance which can potentially turn everyone into an addict. 

The regulatory authorities have failed to restrict the use of Cannabis and anyone who gets caught in possession of Cannabis is hardly prosecuted in the country. Another reason why legalizing Cannabis in Nigeria seems like a disastrous act because they’re fighting a failing war and allowing the use of Cannabis will further contribute to their failures. 

Abuse of the Substance 

The use of Cannabis is abused in Nigeria which led to thousands of people becoming addicted to the substance that ran their quality of life through the mud. And with regulatory authorities turning a blind eye on all the illegal cultivation activities, legalizing Cannabis would be a foolish choice. 

Many government officials advocated legalized Cannabis in the country, mainly for medical uses but they were criticized by the netizens and were asked to drop the matter. 

Despite the booming Cannabis industry and Nigeria playing a vital role in contributing to the industry, the majority of people in Nigeria are against its legalization, and until the officials successfully win over the Nigerian people with their care and validated policies, the leafing of Cannabis for recreational purposes seems highly unlikely.

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  • Funny enough, the earlier they do something about it about sensitization, the better. Nigeria is the number users of the plant in the whole world so automatically Nigeria is the Marijuana Capital of the world and i see no reason why the Government isnt looking at the brighter side. If need be, they should create a cannabis institution for people to learn and study…. just my two cents

    • We all hope that something will be done just like the rest of Africa is sensitizing it’s citizens about this beautiful plant and then growing their IGR with Cannabis Sativa. Recreational Cannabis is something that should also be looked into as it will help people who are already using it or people who would like to use it recreationally have an idea of what’s in their flower bud in the form of labeling, testing and vetting.

  • They need to do something about it soon


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