Views on Cannabis Legalization by Nigerian Celebrities

A trend involving major celebrities and brand ambassadors has emerged in Nigerian entertainment, involving them showing off their Cannabis-smoking on social media. The involvement of many Nigerian celebrities in this trend shows their passion for consuming Cannabis continuously. At times, it appears they are competing against each other to prove who is the best in the trend. 

In Nigeria, marijuana is highly in demand, resulting in its popularity within the entertainment industry. In general, the key to Cannabis being a hit among celebs is that many of them believe cannabis can offer many therapeutic benefits to those with depression or anxiety.

And as far as the views of Cannabis legalization by Nigerian celebrities, we’ve discussed how most of them are in awe of the substance and would advocate for its legalization. 

Nigerian Celebrities and Their Views

Afeez Fashola

 Mr. “Afeez Fashola” also known as “Naira Marley” is a singer and songwriter from Nigeria. He states multiple times on his social media accounts that “I don’t do drugs, I just smoke weed” confirming his affection for the illegal substance and its usage.

 Aside from that, he points out that he finds it bizarre when something made by nature is considered illegal. It’s because of this that the singer supports legalizing Cannabis, as he believes that it’s a natural product, one that shouldn’t be illegal.

Damini Ogulu

In addition, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy, a Nigerian rapper and singer who is highly acclaimed in the whole of Africa, just won a Grammy in 2021 for the best global music album. One of the iconic names in the industry, Damini Ogulu sees no harm in consuming Cannabis and advocates for the legalization of Cannabis in the industry.

Cannabis holds a special place in his heart, and he even believes in the refreshing health benefits it has to offer. The rapper believes that Cannabis with its health benefits has played a vital role in his well being. Back in 2013, he even released a song about Marijuana (also a form of Cannabis) which is called “Smoke Some Weed” off his album L.I.F.E to demonstrate his passion for Cannabis. In his opinion, Cannabis shouldn’t be placed inside caged shelves and should be accessible by any person who is in need of it. 

Seyi Law 

Seyi Law is known as an entertainer in Nigeria that loves talking about the issues occurring within the country. On a YouTube channel, Legit TV, he mentions that if Cannabis becomes legalized, it will be an excellent business opportunity and he himself would gladly be a part of the industry. He mentions that it’s a multi-dollar business industry that can contribute a lot to the economy so what’s the point of turning a blind eye to the highly profitable industry?

Seyi Law was seen advocating for the legalization of Cannabis on many platforms and his views regarding the policies are quite clear. Instead of promoting Cannabis for recreational purposes, he’s keen to raise awareness for the budding billion-dollar industry of Cannabis. 

Don Jazzy

The music mogul made this known via his Twitter page on Thursday, October 3, 2019. According to him, the government should be able to make the business environment conducive for those who would want to go into cannabis farming.

“Regulatory bodies can be established at the federal or state level to give licenses and rules to interested weed cultivators who should be made to adhere to enacted guidelines. #VoiceOfTheDon,” he tweeted.

Furthermore, many big names in the industry including Terry G, WizKid, Davido and many well-known faces of the industry flaunt their leafing with Cannabis. Celebrities smoking Cannabis for recreational purposes has become quite popular in the industry and the young generation is also following in their footsteps.

But without proper policies and validated concentrations of controlled substances, the use of Cannabis could be catastrophic and it wouldn’t be long before Nigeria is facing teens addicted to the banned substance. 

At this point, the legalization of Cannabis in Nigeria is inevitable, and with a revised bill on Cannabis presented in front of the leaders of the country, it wouldn’t be long before the use of Cannabis is legalized throughout Nigeria.

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